Luke 7 Woman Ministries believes that we all have fallen short of God and are lost. However, God in His infinite wisdom and love put a plan in place. That plan was Jesus. If you confess your sins, repent and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, you will be saved. From that moment on, you will be given the Holy Spirit to guide you and serve as proof of the purchase Christ made for you, on the cross. 

Who is your audience?

Luke 7 Woman is for absolutely everyone. You don't have to be a 'woman' to enjoy this blog. Essentially everyone is a Luke 7 Woman. We are all sinners who have come short of God. It takes humility and love to come back to Him and allow Him to forgive us. It's an age-old Bible story. It just so happened to be a woman who needed Jesus this time.


Luke 7 Woman's tag line is "Be Loved. Be Forgiven. Be Healed" it is the process of change (sanctification) that Jesus places us in each time we grow in Him. First, He has to show us; sometimes remind us, that we are loved and we can trust Him. He then forgives us, releases us from the bondage that we were in. Then, He has to reach in and do some surgery and move things around. That's where the healing portion comes in. This process occurs over and over as we live here on this earth. We'll always be in a state of Being Loved, Being Forgiven and Being Healed.



Luke 7 Woman was created to narrate the toxic relationship that I was in with a church leader, and how God used the story of the Luke 7 Woman to begin my healing process. It was created during a very dark and hopeless time in my life. God is now empowering me to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through this platform.

"Beautiful things can come from broken places" Sharon Toldson.

THE VISION for luke 7 woman

The vision for Luke 7 Woman is to lead people to Christ through an environment of transparency and healing. My prayer is that God will use this platform to reach tens, hundreds of thousands of people that are hurting and desperate to know God. Luke 7 Woman, is a place for healing, deliverance, transparency and grace


Where is the story of the luke 7 woman?

The Luke 7 Woman is quite unique. Her story can be found in the book of Luke, chapter seven, starting at verse thirty-six. Jesus had come to the house of a Pharisee who invited him over for dinner. I implore you to go and read it. Hear and see the words of Jesus. He is speaking to a lost woman whose only chance at peace is him. How remarkable!