God Sees, God Knows, God Cares (Luke 7 Woman: Diary Entry #6)


"And Jesus said to the woman, "Your [faith] has saved you. Go in peace" Luke 7:50

This last week for me has been a roller coaster of sorts. I was in Miami for a few days for work and I was not able to write like I typically do. There was some hesitation about what I should say. Honestly, my hesitation came from frustration with God. I felt like I had hit a brick wall with him. Let me speak candidly here, as I always do. The frustration was coming from a place of hurt, disappointment, fear and frustration. Believe it or not, I still battle the ripple effects of betrayal and feelings of abandonment.

There were some mornings I would wake up and be completely despondent. I could not seem to move. I wondered about my future and what was next. I wondered if this was all there was to my life and if this is where I would be forever. On the way home from my trip, I had a lot of time to think. Those thoughts turned into panicking fears as I wondered if being alone was God’s plan for my life. If this was it, then I wanted out. As I was driving, by the way, in heavy rain; the Lord placed on my heart Hebrews 10:38, “And my righteous ones will live by faith. But I will take no pleasure in anyone who turns away.”



Now, the context of the scripture was discussing the persecution that followers of Christ faced during that time. Those who turned away from God would not be pleasing him. Jesus prepared them before he left that this walk was not going to be easy. He also warned them that it was going to take a great deal of faith for them to continue. In fact, the only way that a Christ-follower would ever survive is through their faith and if anyone turned away it would be to their disadvantage.

I had to explain the context of the scripture so that it will not appear as if I am cherry-picking text. However, when I was driving from Miami. I will be honest, I did not remember all of that. I asked out loud, “What does this mean?” And then it hit me. This same scripture can be applied to me as well. Clearly, not comparing persecution and the threat of death for what I believe in to what I face now. Although, if I am struggling to get it together, how difficult will it be when situations and circumstances become more challenging?

Faith is the evidence of things not seen. It is proof of what seems to not exist. I am a situational learner. Sometimes ideas and concepts do not resonate with me until forced to use it or caught in the situation itself.

“You ask me these questions, you allow fear to override your emotions, you turn away from my Word. I tell you the truth. When will you believe me?  When will you endure tough times with truth?”

God has stated in scripture over and over that he has a plan for me (you). He states that he loves me (you). He states that he will never leave me (you) alone. I read his Word and I “turn away” from it by not activating my faith as I read.


You’re asking me, “But, how? You don’t believe what you read?” I’ll answer this easily. Yes and no. Sometimes I read; and I am expecting a feeling. I am expecting to feel “loved.”

I am expecting to feel victorious, beautiful, courageous, strong, smart, loved, you fill in the blank. I am expecting to feel. We’ll talk about the dangers of this soon enough.

Well, what do you do when you do not feel it? Aren’t you supposed to feel something?

This is where faith comes in. It is the living proof of the promises of God, even when you do not see, feel, hear, taste or smell it. It is what separates us from the world. Faith is what separates the carnal (flesh) from the spirit. Writing about this makes me excited. We’ll discuss more of this later.  It is what counts you as righteous in the eyes of God.  Faith is the last say when your heart and head does not agree. And there will be times (many times) when they do not.


 As I was driving home, I remembered the words of a pastor who visited my current church. He preached on being In God’s Crockpot. After his sermon, he asked us to stand and place our hands over our hearts. In unison, the congregation repeated “God sees, God knows, God cares.” He has not left you (me) in this circumstance. By faith, believe that he is working for you. I am believing by faith that he is working on healing my heart, working to make me whole, working on my future, just working all together.  


Repeating what we did in service a few Sundays ago, I placed my hand over my heart and started to pray. “God sees, God knows, God cares.” Repeating scripture to swap the lies in my head for the truth God is.

When I finally made it to Orlando. I was craving one of my favorite appetizers. Brussel sprouts! Listen, do not judge. They are so good. As I sat down at the table waiting for the server to greet me. I continued to pray in my heart, “God sees, God knows, God cares” but I couldn’t help but notice the families and friends that were together. I looked over and saw my campus pastor and his wife enter the area where I was seated. We waved, and they went elsewhere. Immediately, I started to feel alone again.



 I can’t even explain what was going through my head. Rejection. All kinds of negative thoughts. Things that had nothing to do with them, but from past experiences I began to assume. I assumed they did not want to talk to me. Most of the pastors I’ve met, only want to speak to you at church. Anything outside of that was “their time.”

The next thing that happened was just God! I heard her voice, his wife. The campus pastor’s wife approached me and said:

“Hey! I have seen you before! What’s your name, again? Are you eating alone? We’re sitting with you!” I was so shocked. I could hardly answer. In fact, before I could answer she was calling for her husband.

“Oh, Mike, come! We’re sitting with her. This is divine. I know it is. Scoot over, I’ll sit here.” I wanted to cry right then and there. I don’t think they really knew, maybe his wife did. But, it really was divine. They really were being used to answer a prayer. I enjoyed every moment sitting there with them. I learned so much more and the only thing I could do was thank God. He heard me. My faith, my decision to believe him no matter what, pleased him.

As I am typing this, my hope is that you understand how important this is (was). God was showing me that he sees me, he knows how I feel and that he cares. I did not have to eat alone. I am not alone. He knows what he wants to do with me and he has my back in all things.

I went to reference the Luke 7 Woman that night. I could not remember if God mentioned anything about faith to her. Sure enough, Jesus said to the Luke 7 Woman, “your faith has saved you. Go in peace”. I have read this passage many times. The word faith never stood out to me. Jesus said that to so many other people after their healing, deliverance, blessing.

Now I am starting to see why. The Luke 7 Woman had to first believe that Jesus was telling the truth about who he was, regardless if she could feel it or not. She had to believe he was telling the truth about what he said he could do, before she could even come to him. But, when she did. Oh! My! When she finally believed. Jesus showed her that he saw her, knew her and cared about her. He forgave her, honored her for her faith and sent her out into the world with peace.


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