An Open Letter To You (Luke 7 Woman: Diary Entry #5)



Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading The Diary of a Luke 7 Woman. Whether you are new to Luke 7 Woman, or you’ve been reading since the first diary entry, thank you so much. I appreciate you taking your time each week and sharing my healing process with me.  It takes quite a bit of fortitude for me to write and share with strangers; the intimate details of a painful experience in my life. I am a private person, naturally.

I cringe when I hear other people over sharing life moments that should have been kept to themselves. Something monumental must happen for me to be open. I do not freely share what I had for breakfast, let alone, what is going on in my life personally. However, I know for a fact that this must be addressed.

 I must reveal to heal.

Luke 7 Woman started after experiencing my first panic attack. I was dressed in a beautiful gown, at a beautiful place, sitting in a room full of beautiful people with a friend whom I wanted to support for the evening. And yet, I was not able to enjoy or support because anxiety and hurt had taken over. I could not function, and to keep from embarrassing myself, I went home sobbing the entire way. I was a mess. Depression had set in and suicidal thoughts began to bombard me. I was living to die.  



It was that night when I decided that I could not let this experience keep me bound. I needed an outlet. I needed my voice to be heard. I pulled out my Bible and begin to read the story of the Luke 7 Woman, again. I read and re-read over and over. I could hear the opening lines in my head and I just started. A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house”  

Every day that I sit down and begin to write about what happened, I always wonder if I am doing the right thing? Will I really get the healing I need by this? What will other people think? Will they believe me? What will they say about me?

What I am realizing is that people will believe whatever they want to believe whether it is truth or not. Selective hearing is real. Some people will extract “truths” or “alternative facts”. I have concluded, that this will occur regardless of how direct I am. Therefore, I must be prepared. Prepared yes, intimidated no. Shaz Bennett, director of the show Queen Sugar on OWN says, “If you have a story to tell, just go tell it.”

Being quiet about what hurt you, who hurt you, or anything else for that matter silently agrees with the culprit and the incident. This is simply not ok.

I am giving myself a voice. I have a voice. It matters. I matter. You matter. Our stories, good or bad matter and desperately need to be told. When they are not shared, we devalue ourselves little by little. The liberty of transparency is also then stolen from the next person who is dying to tell their story as well, good or bad.  There is so much more to the Luke 7 Woman that we will explore. There is so much more to me, that we will explore.


My number one purpose as a Christ-follower is to lead people to him. It first starts by telling the truth of who he is and who I am in relation to him. Never in the history of the world, has anyone ever been lead to Christ by followers of Jesus, who cover up the truth or bend it to keep their reputations polished. Authenticity is what draws people in. Jesus came and healed people and set them free in front of crowds of publicly.



There is great significance to this. First, there were sick and bound people present. I can openly acknowledge that I do not have it together and I am constantly in need of Jesus. Every week, you all give me permission to admit that I do not have it all together. What a relief that is!

Many were sick because of their own sins, and some were there so that the works of God could be displayed. (John 9:1-3)  

Second, which is slightly reiterating my first point, is that all of this took place in public, so people can see that God is real and that he heals the broken! News flash! We are broken, and the only way to get healing from a compassionate savior is to be open with him, call on him and rely on him completely. (Romans 10:9)

Luke 7 Woman is a platform for me to publicly illustrate the grace, healing and forgiveness that Jesus showers on all of us, including me! Luke 7 Woman is not a “how to” blog, it is a “me too” blog.

I too, need Jesus and I am seeking him to heal and transform me. I too, know that I have not been living completely like God desires me to and therefore, I must ask for forgiveness and repent.

I too, know that if Jesus does not complete this work in me, which he will, because I am seeking him earnestly and his spirit is in me; I will not survive.

Now that I have gotten all of that out of the way, you can know who Jesus is and invite him into your heart as well. Contact Me we can start together .  It does not matter the time, where you are or what you’ve done. There are no prerequisites for him. He accepts you as you are but doesn’t leave you as you are. We can walk through those steps and you can start something new. Allow this open door to lead you to life.


You don’t have to follow a magic set of rules. Luke 7 Woman would not exist if that were the case. I’m serious. Her story would not have been mentioned, nor would this blog exist. I am expecting transformation through Jesus Christ. I am being transparent with the savior about my sickness and brokenness.

 And I want to pass the torch. I give you permission to share your story, to identify your own brokenness. I give you permission to be transparent about your need for Christ. If you’re reading this and do not feel you have a need for Christ, then I pray you continue to read. I pray that you will be transformed, as he continues to transform me.

Thanks for reading.